Elite 3D Curve Drysuit

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NeilPryde's Elite 3D Curve drysuit is probably the most comfortable, high performance drysuit on the market today. For those sailors who have always found a conventional suit cumbersome and restrictive - think again! The Elite 3D Curve represents a break through in suit technology with revolutionary high zip, stretch fabrics and easy donning and doffing.

The secret is the zip! 

The dry zip on a conventional dry suit goes from the shoulder to the top of the thigh in a straight line. On the 3D Curve, the zip is pre bent and curved around the waist which removes any restriction normally felt when using a dri suit, particularly when reaching forward, making the 3D Curve THE highest performance dry suit.

  • Quad 4x4 stretch breathable fabric
  • Body mapping pre bent shape
  • Glideskin neck and cuff seals with covers
  • Self fabric 3D sock
  • 3D Curve metal dri zip with zipped protective cover
  • Fleece lined roll down neck warmer

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