Arnaud Vasseur




Flying Phantom


Arnaud started sailing at seven in a dinghy and sport catamaran before moving to bigger boats such as Class 8 and Mumm 30 to compete at iconic regattas as Tour de France, France and European championships. With his desire to move offshore he has competed for four years on the Mini 6.50 circuit, one European tour on a Multi 50, one MOD 70 Transat and Ultim multihull as well as six seasons in Decision 35 circuit in Switzerland.

The Frenchman has caught the foiling bug with racing the International Moth, Flying Phantom and the Easy to Fly foiling catamaran for which he was in charge of the development. The past two years has been the very demanding and exciting Flying Phantom Series with the Flying Frogs and partnering with Pierre Le Clainche.

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