NeilPryde’s New LC Skiff Shoe: Exceptional Grip for Winning Dinghy Sailors

NeilPryde Sailing, whose active clothing and accessories range is the choice of competitive windsurfers and dinghy sailors, has introduced its most advanced performance boat shoe to date.  The LC Skiff Shoe not only looks good, it is designed for high performance, offering exceptional grip and comfort.

With its low cut design - hence the LC in the name – the LC Skiff Shoe leaves plenty of room for easy movement, while keeping perfectly secure on the feet of agile crews due to its drawstring entry and heel-hold ‘box’. It is amazingly comfortable too and it is chafe free due to the design of its glued and blind-stitched seams and apex-flex neoprene upper.  Meanwhile the incorporation of a bamboo charcoal inner takes away unwanted odours.

The shoe’s super-grippy capability is made possible by NeilPryde Sailing’s unique N-Grip sole, so it is ideal for hiking out or trapezing on the most athletic of dinghies from skiffs and 49ers to every performance class. Yet while the LC Skiff Shoe is designed and manufactured to the standards expected by the world’s most elite sailors it is still a perfect everyday boat shoe for any dinghy sailor and windsurfer.

The LC Skiff Shoe is another example of the advanced accessories and clothing that NeilPryde Sailing continues to develop, based on their many decades of experience.

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