Neil Pryde Sailing's Elite Firewire 1mm wetsuit: warm weather protection and temperature control

Men's Elite Firewire 1mm LongjohnNeil Pryde Sailing presents the best all round summer wetsuit longjohn and top, the Elite Firewire 1mm.

A favourite of top dinghy and keelboat sailors, the Firewire is a trademark of Neil Pryde’s advanced technology and style. The longjohn and top are both manufactured from Ultrastretch 1mm neoprene using the Firewire thermal heat shield system to maintain core body temperature. At the same time the wicking Fastdry fleece liner keeps you dry and comfortable.

The Elite Firewire is reinforced in all the important places and the flatlock seams give even more protection, while at the same time the suit has ventilation for those really hot days. In fact if you are using the Elite Firewire 1mm in warm climates where temperature control is most important, the result is you use less energy regulating your temperature, giving you more focus to go fast.

Both the long john and vest can be mixed and matched with Neil Pryde’s other flagship wetsuit combo, the Elite Raceskin, and worn with the Elite Hiker padded hiking system as well.

The Elite Firewire 1mm is available in both men's and women's sizes.

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