October 2019 Report: Katie Nurton

Just back from a long weekend in Weymouth, where we managed to pick the most miserable weather of the year for our final training for the I14 Worlds. I’ve teamed up with ex-Finn sailor Cameron Tweedle and we’ve been working hard to get used to each other, work out who is doing what (two helms in the boat!) and make sure we’re ready for a windy regatta in Perth in January.  We had four days on the water and wind from 9 to 30 knots so, despite a lot of rain, we  made really good progress.

On a horrible rainy day, I’m always much more enthusiastic once I’ve put on my  NP Aquashield spraytop – very warm and cosy. Cameron has just switched to an NP trapeze harness too (his previous one seemed be from the 1970s…).  It’s comfortable but also much more streamlined so we no longer have any terrifying moments during gybes when the boom is stuck on a buckle.  Great to see fellow NP Team Rider Matilda Nicholls down in Weymouth too, out training even in the nastiest weather!

Thanks to Sam Pascoe for the photos.

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