May 2019 Report: Elite Team Borkenstein/Dietrich

In May we sailed our second regatta this year, the Culix Cup in Flensburg.

Saturday started sunny but with very cold wind from the north. 14 boats decided to explore the racecourse of the Europeans. Due to this direction the wind shifted 90° very often in every race. As consequence the lead in lots of the races changed at the same time. Even though we were sometimes far behind the leading group we knew it’s not over until it’s over. With hard tactical work and a little luck, we finished 3 of 4 races in first and one in fourth place.

The forecast for Sunday was windy...very windy. And it was very windy. The average wind speed was 20 knots, with gusts definetly over. A lot of crews decided to stay in and the rest of the fleet was hesitant to leave the shore. We had two races and it was a hard battle for everybody. Proven from San Francisco, we won both races easily and the regatta overall with a series of 1,(4),1,1,1,1.

Very satisfied with our performance, we packed the trailer, ready for the German Nationals in Berlin in June.

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