Max Steele - Winter Report

After an extremely successful 2018 season, which culminated in moving into the RS Tera Pro fleet, and winning their End of Season National Championships, the winter season of 2018/ 19 has focussed on training in the National Squad (RS Tera Pro), and finding a partner to get started in the RS Feva, whilst staying in form with the RS Tera.

Max Steele sailing in RS Tera Pro Fleet

RS Tera Pro, national squad

I was honoured to be selected into the top group of the UK national squad (Tera Pro fleet).

We’ve been very lucky that in nearly all the squad week ends, we have had really strong wind. On one occasion I even broke my mast, but I have generally placed in the top 3 or 4 in most races; winning about a third of them. It has been a lot of fun, but what I can say is that the other squad members have learned quite a lot through the winter, and the gap between us is narrowing more and more.

Max Steele with a broken mast

RS Feva, Icicle series

In the second half of the winter I also teamed up with my friend and fellow squad member, Joe Warwicker in the RS Feva fleet. We had a go at a few regattas in the Winter Icicle series. Both of the regattas we attended had very strong winds, which was a lot of fun but quite challenging for starting out in the Feva. However, we had a great start, achieving a 6th, 4th and then 3rd place (on Yardstick) in our first three weekends. The fleet is incredibly strong and includes current or former national champions from the Wayfarers, RS-600's, and Graduate fleets (as well as former Topper and Laser national squad sailors), so we are extremely pleased with our start.

Max Steele and Joe Warwicker in RS Feva

The Feva fleet is really large, and very competitive, with a lot of very experienced youth sailors in it. Joe and I are going to need to practice quite a lot to master our timing and tactics, but I am keen to focus on the Feva as a start to double-handed sailing, while trying to stay in form in the Tera.

Neil Pryde and 3-D Curve

Max Steele in NeilPryde Sailing Elite 3D Curve DrysuitAll this winter I have used my Elite 3D curve drysuit every time I sailed. It is much better than the alternative brand drysuit I tried the previous winter, and I have discovered that the Neil Pryde 3D Curve has a really good reputation, which is really well deserved. It also really helps that my Feva partner, Joe Warwicker, has been accepted into the NeilPryde Team Rider team.

Thank you NeilPryde Sailing.


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