Max Steele - Half Yearly Winter Report

During the second half of my 2018 season of sailing, I moved from the RS Tera Sport fleet to the RS Tera Pro fleet. I was accepted into the English top Pro National Squad, due to my successes in the first half of 2018’s summer season. This includes coming first at the RS Tera Sport Inland National Championships, winning the Swedish nationals, the Eurocup and coming 4th in the World Championships, as well as winning 3 regionals.

National Squad

The National Squads not only helped me adapt quickly into the RS Tera Pro, but improve my sailing as well. However, I noticed that the fleet only became harder, and that if you made a mistake in a race, the fleet will punish you much more severely as than in the Sport.

No more Summer Gear

Winter soon had arrived, and with quite some affect. My NeilPryde Sailing summer kit (Elite Firewire 3mm top and long john) was now too cold for me to sail in. This meant that I had to step up a level. Luckily I was able to step into the NeilPryde Sailing Elite 3D Curve Drysuit. This kept keeps me really warm and dry, even if I get wet, allowing me to sail as if it was a warm summers day.

Max Steele showing off his NeilPryde Sailing Elite 3D Curve Drysuit 

Winning my first eva RS Tera Pro regatta

After a weekend of training at Draycote, it was the RS Tera End of Season Championships at the same venue. I was worried that I would not do as well as I would’ve done in the RS Tera Sport, as I was new to the Pro fleet and the standard was so high. It was strong winds, which made it even harder. However, due to a strong mixture of skill from trainings, experience from previous regattas, and my excellent NeilPryde Sailing drysuit, I was able to compete at my very best level, resulting in me winning my first ever regatta in the RS Tera Pro. Plus, I won the first race by over 100 metres!

Max Steele - NeilPryde Sailing Team Rider

This gave me confidence for the rest of the regatta, and for many trainings ahead, being thirsty for more.

Since then I have also started learning to sail double handed sailing, mainly in an RS Feva but also occasionally in an RS 200.

I am delighted to be part of the 2019 NeilPryde Sailing Young Gun Rider Team.

Keep up with Max's progress on his Instagram account - @Max_Steele_Sailing and Facebook account @MaxSteeleSailing

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