Lockdown Recap: Ted Ball

Recently I have just transitioned to the RS Aero 5 and I am loving the boat. It has been sad to leave the Topper and had my last Topper event on the 18th July. I came 2nd overall at the event but during the event my traveller broke and I ended up missing a race and losing 2 places on the 2nd race due to my traveller snapping on the last reach to the finish line, if this didn’t happen I would have won the event. During lockdown I have been training and learning about the Aero and in the past 2 months I have been training on it and doing Aero training with Steve Irish and so have improved massively.

At the minute I am training for Aero Nationals in August in Eastbourne and I am looking forward to that to see how the other Aero sailors are compared to my old Topper opponents.

Also, I want to thank Neilpryde Sailing for giving me the new 1mm Firewire long john and wetsuit top as they are perfect for the weather we are having in the UK at the minute.

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