Lockdown Recap: Katie Nurton

I’m finally back on the water! It’s hard to believe that, until last Sunday, I hadn’t put a wetsuit on in over 7 months. However, after a really disappointing Worlds in January when we suffered from terminal gear failure, it’s actually been good to have a proper rest and chance to refocus.  I unloaded the boat from the container in March and was about to start on an enormous list of pre-season boatwork when lockdown struck. I was then confined to a small flat in London, a long way from any possible boat maintenance and an empty calendar apart from work.

The first challenge was maintaining fitness.  My usual routine is a couple of gym sessions each week, usually on the rowing machine, some HIIT and kettlebell training at home fitted around work and, of course, sailing! This has always got me into good shape for major events in terms of stamina and strength. However, I’m aware that, as I get older, I also need to focus on injury prevention and flexibility. I’ve tried both yoga and pilates in the past but always been too impatient to persevere. The lockdown seemed like a good opportunity to give both of these a second chance.  The result? A big thumbs-up for pilates – I feel stronger and more flexible – but I’m still too impatient for yoga…

My second challenge was to adapt some of the skills I’ve learnt maintaining a 14 to furniture-making, specifically a wood and resin table. This has been on my winter project list for years so it was great to finally get it done, just before lockdown eased enough to start again on the boatwork…

Now it’s August and I’m back on the water, looking forward to a quiet autumn sailing with a new crew and starting to think about the 14 Worlds in Germany next summer.

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