Lockdown Recap: Freddie Sunderland

What a U-turn my season has taken. I know I am not alone, we have all felt it. Lockdown hit 2 weeks before I was due to travel to the World Championships in South Africa. I was hoping to win. As a new team rider, I had just collected my kit, met the team and tested it out on my final squad weekend. It had been a breezy weekend, the kit was incredibly comfortable and I felt strong and ready for the competitions ahead.

As lockdown was enforced, we all stayed home. Luckily we are household of 6, we all sail and love to exercise. Quickly a routine of competitive runs and team workouts followed. I am the youngest, but I am expected to keep up with the others. In those early days we never expected Lockdown to last for so long. But as competition after competition cancelled, it was apparent 2020 was going to look quite different.

I embraced virtual sailing and won the Tera Class ESailing Start of Seasons Regatta and represented the Tera in the Spring Class Championship Finals. I washed and fettled my boat and continued with the fitness training.

As Lockdown eased, I made my way back to the water, initially paddle boarding and then sailing when safety cover allowed. I’ve joined Draycote Water to enable me to sail on a larger patch of water in a more competitive environment and they couldn’t have been more welcoming.

Today I am off to the coast for some sea sailing in preparation for the Nationals at WPNSA in 4 weeks. We are lucky to have our National Regatta at the end of August.

I don’t think anyone will forget 2020 season, I am grateful for the sailing I have been able to have, I’m sad for the events that could have been and on the upside I’ve grown taller. I might need some new kit!

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