Lockdown Recap: Borkenstein and Dietrich

Lockdown Recap NPS Elite Team Borkenstein/Dietrich

The season was planned and all dates coordinates with the famlies – it was just one month to go for the first sail this year - and then everything turned out differently.

The boat was stuck in winter storage and most regattas were already cancelled. It was even harder, because we already got the new NeilPryde gear and were super keen to use it.

We decided to be prepared for whatever else there may come. Concrete we did a lot of fitness, road biking and coordination training while watching VR Sport videos from last seasons.

Moreover the Class Association initiated a weekly virtual regatta, so we had a call with the guys we would have seen at the regatta. It was good fun, but not comparison to real regatta sailing.

With the processing easing Eike started sailing with his son in Flensburg - the venue for the Worlds 2021 – and maintained the boot for the first regatta in August.

Two weeks before the seasons started we helped out at our home club at the yearly Moth regatta.

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