June 2019 Report: NPS Elite Team Borkenstein/Dietrich

In May we sailed our third regatta this year,  the German Nationals in Berlin.

Berlin, Berlin, we are driving to Berlin. In football, the German championship and the DFB Cup were already taken, but the most important titles of the year were still pending. Champions League and "The Bow" of International 14.

Everyone had decided: German Open is more important than the Champions League!

As a stadium it was no less than the "Müggelsee Stadium" of the sailing community on Müggelsee e. V. the venue of this event.

On Thursday was measured, measured, measured, kudos to Olli and Olli, who did not stop until the last boat was measured.

The first sailing day had it all; Wind on, wind off, wind from the right, wind from the left. This wind literally hung his cloak on his own. David and Max saved the first bullet and we were caught by Michel and Klaas-Lysander at the finish line.

The whole back and forth was offered on this day in five races, because the next day should have even less wind available. Stephan and Robert came best with the conditions and laid the basis for their later overall victory with 4,2,1,1,1.

Nevertheless, there was something in the conditions for everyone and it was as many teams as long ago that had a realistic claim to the title.

Saturday was kept to its prediction and it was from double trapez to zero winds. The most exciting was the fight place three with four boats, which were only four points apart at the end. David and Max actually had it in their hands, but a little way too far to the right cost them the podium. That hurts even when watching. This pain has been relieved by the sight of the many new teams that have been racing to the finish line.

On Sunday the Müggelsee had no wind. The waiting ashore resembled a trip to Jerusalem, always in search of the next chair in the shade. As the time progressed, unrest spread and the community had anticipated the decision of the race committee, considering the long journey back home - no race that day!

At the end we finished second overall, same like last year.

The sailing community on Müggelsee e. V. organized a great event and got the most out of the conditions.

Congratulations to Stephan and Robert, who got the title after many years and of course to Jürgen Klopp, unfortunately only Champions League.

Borkenstein and Diertrich with their trophy

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