German Open: Borkenstein and Dietrich

After a season that resulted in many regatta cancellations due to corona, almost no one had expected the German Open at Chiemsee.

Markus, ahead with the CYC team, pulled out all the stops and set up an event that is only possible in Bavaria. Bavarian beer, fresh pretzels, veal sausage breakfast and great accommodation were just a few things that made this event so special. But one after another.

So Tuesday evening in the car and off to the train and reel down the 1000km. In the morning at 7 o'clock we reached the Chiemsee and were greeted with a finest sunrise.

After greeting those present, it was time to set up the boat. All this in bright sunshine and - what a surprise - no wind. The wind stayed that way, so the highlight of the day was the measurement of the 24 boats. Olli and Olli have once again found a mode that can be described as short, hard but fair.

We should finally start on Thursday, but the race director Kai and his team didn’t let any nervousness arise and kept us in the harbor due to the lack of wind. After some uncomfortable experience during the season, it was great to see that we had a race director here who saw his work as a single togetherness - it was really fun.

But it really started on Friday. The wind - this is what every air movement in Bavaria is called - was as constant in strength over the three races as the performance of HSV soccer club. Always bright spots, but all in all pathetic.

Nevertheless it was the same for everyone and it almost always went over the left side. Those who made a trip to the right side usually paid many 100 meters for it. Every now and then canceled and shortened races as well as a 50 ° clockwise turn in the last race brought a little spice.

Dennis and Lasse got through the day best and made their ambitions clear with 1,2,3. What a well-tended lawn can do ...

But also Lukas and Gregor as well as Angela and Moritz, new on the road on Poppet - “flew” to their first day win on a GO in the other two races. It's nice to see that this time it should be more exciting.

Saturday then came up with something that is not expected in Bayer. At first there was too little wind, then the signal was given to sail out, and when half of the fleet was already on the water, the wind announced with the strong wind warning came with 6 Bft - further departure impossible. Instead, some boats were recovered that could no longer make it into the harbor on their own. Then we had to wait and see. When the fleet had decided to demolish at 4:30 p.m., the wind went down on perfect condition - too late. But with beer and pretzels, this was quite manageable.

The forecast for Sunday was actually good, but the same applies here - the wind models for Chiemsee are also as good as the performance of HSV.

But we were lucky and we really sailed again. Three light wind races with challenging conditions made it really exciting. Dennis and Lasse were somehow unimpressed and were the first to cross the finish line three times. They won their first title outstandingly. A big movie theater!

Angela and Moritz also claimed second place very confidently for themselves. At third place it looked a bit tighter in the meantime, but Lukas and Gregor kept their nerves in front of Flora and Julius.

It was nice to see so many new and old faces again, but also a shame that some light figures weren't there.

For us, the season ended before it really started. To many tactical mistakes due to less sailing a exercise ended in fifth place for us.

A huge thank you again to Markus, Kai and the team and the CYC for this beautiful German Open.


And of course thanks to NeilPyde Sailing supporting us with such a great gear, we unfortunately coudn’t use more often this year.


Get through the winter well.


Georg & Eike

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