August Report: Borkenstein and Dietrich

08/2020 Report 1 NPS Elite Team Borkenstein/Dietrich

When we look back this year it’s a wonder we could sail our first regattas this year.

This regatta took place in Travemünde - one of the most famous sailing spots in Germany.

Unfortunately the forecast for this weekend was very bad with a maximum wind of 7 knots. In combination with short waves the worst conditions for us. It happend what had to happen. During the races – we had a lot of  postponements due to no wind – the waves swashes into our boat at the front and we had no clear flow a the back. Only in the last race was enough wind for double trapeze, which lead to place 4 – our best single result in this series.

Overall we finished 7th – not what we like, but what we expected.

The quintessense is we should think about a new mast or boat to fix this long time known problem in light conditions without flat water.

Nevertheless we had a very nice weekend with sun and 30°C all day long. I felt good to got back on the water together and try out the new NeilPryde stuff.

08/2020 Report 2 NPS Elite Team Borkenstein/Dietrich

Only two weeks have passed since we had our first sail and first regatta this year it was time for the second one and the first win.

This weekend it was time for the Warnemünde  Cup - held at the Worlds 2008 spot in East Germany.

Different to last time: the wind forecast was much better, the weather forecast worse.

Saturday was a mix of no wind and double trapez combined with many shifts. It was big challange for all tacticians. Some races were decided at the last 100 meters.

On Sunday the focus was on handling and fitness, because the wind got stronger as forecasted. A lots of teams had a swim or two. We managed it to stay upright the whole time –not least due to our lockdown fitness program.

During the whole weekend the all races were full of changes at the top positions.

Our consistent performance of 2,1,2,1,1,1 looks easier than it was in reality.

With two tired bodies but happy faces we drove home and start preparing for the seasons highlight – the German Nationals – in four weeks .


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