April 2019 Report: Elite Team Borkenstein/Dietrich

After the Worlds in San Francisco last August, the container arrived at the beginning of November back in Hamburg. Due to the cold weather we decided to bring the boat straight to the winter storage.

At the beginning of April we transferred the boat to our base club at Lake Wittensee. Here we opened the season at Good Friday in sunny but very cold conditions.

One week later the regatta season started with the ‘‘Wittensee Fight‘‘, with 18 boats at the starting line.  With different winds speeds from random directions we had a hard fight with one other team.

After 6 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday, we lost the regatta in the last race.

With a Series of 1,3,1,3,1,(6) we were one point behind the deserved winners.

Nevertheless our boatspeed was good and we learned a lot for the upcoming events in Flensburg, the German Open in Berlin and the Europeans in Flensburg.

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