2020 Recap: Tim Brownell and Steve Blackburn

Tim’s blog

During lockdown it has been hard with no sailing activities, pretty early we found out that the 2020 nationals had been cancelled so our goals had immediately moved to the possibility of a 2020 winter sailing calendar and building to a successful 2021.

With no sailing and the gym’s and swimming pools closed I have turned to cycling to keep fit, luckily it is fairly hilly around home so I can keep testing my legs.

Unfortunately with the social distancing measures, sailing in a double hander is not that easy so myself and Steve have had to turn to single hander sailing to keep ourselves sharp until we can finally return to the boat together.

Steve’s Blog

It has been a very strange year so far, usually my crew and I would have had a year full of sailing at competitions all around the country. The events may have been cancelled. But I have been busy with cycling, walking canoeing and single handed sailing.

Luckily my sailing club has been very proactive. We soon started sailing, when guidelines were allowed. I noticed my sailing fitness and sharpness was not at my usual levels, I expected. But with 13 weeks or so of no sailing is a definitely a shock to the system. I am now sailing once or twice a week and I feel my sailing fitness is back to my normal level. We have currently started racing and my sailing sharpness has dramatically improved. The great thing of coming back to sailing after a long rest is really invigorating too.

Tim and I have also been keeping in touch throughout the weeks and comparing our exercise regime. I have been cycling were its very flat but often windy as I’m near the coast. Tim on the other hand has been cycling up down hills as he lives closer inland.

We are hoping in the not far off future that sailing events can be held and we will be soon sailing at open events.

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